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Ningbo Spey Scientific Cylinder Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Spey Scientific Cylinder Co., Ltd. specializing in producing aluminum alloy cylinder block for internal-combustion engine, founded on October 8, 1998. Due to the market demand, Jiangmen Spey, Tongri Machinery Factory and Duhong trade were founded correspondingly in 2006. So far, it has owned three companies, one hotel and one painting factory.  And at present, to optimize the business mode and satisfy our customers, company is investing a new plant near Ningbo Head office, also a new plant in India in 2019 will be on company’s agenda.
Spey Head Office
Spey Head Office located in Xiexi Industrial Park, Daxie economic development zone, covering 30,000 square meters and currently with 420 employees. It has nearly 300 million fixed assets. Spey has occupied domestic technical leading position of alloy iron casting, die development and high-precision aluminum alloy die-casting technology, mainly engaged in producing sand casting, centrifugal casting of iron cylinder blocks, aluminum alloy die-casting and machining. The main products include motorcycle cylinder, general engine die casting parts, auto die casting parts, other aluminum die casting parts, etc.
Jiangmen Spey Scientific Cylinder Co., Ltd
Jiangmen Spey Scientific cylinder Co., Ltd is a medium-sized private enterprise combined with die-casting and machining, covering 12,000 square meters. Founded in July 2006 and located in Guangdong Province, the company has invested 20 million RMB to produce aluminum alloy cylinder, cast iron cylinder and garden machine cylinder. It can also machine various parts for motorcycle, vehicle and other machinery parts.
The company has 200 employees including 6 senior engineers and 6 technicians. Company adopts computer management strategy and CAD to strengthen the ability of design and new products development. Also it has more than 150 special machines including die-casting machines, machining centers, CNC lathes, milling machines, honing machines, combination machine tools, leak check machines as well as advanced inspection machines such as CMM, roughness testers, air gauges and other measuring tools.
The company has supplied products for Wuyang Honda, Haojue, Dayang, Minlong in China, and exported to Hero, TVS and etc., which contribute to expand foreign market and gain good quality reputation.
Ningbo New Plant
In the fast-changing economic conditions, company gradually starts its optimization and transformation for better development in the future. Thus, the forth plant of Spey has come into being.—Ningbo new plant.
Ningbo new plant is adjacent to the home plant, covering about 14,000 square meters, with over 11,000 square meters as building area, and the total investment is over¥120 million (about $18.3 million). 
It owns world-class production facilities, advanced technology process, professional talent team and scientifically rigorous management, aiming to optimize the product quality and improve the product service. Company devotes itself to produce high-quality automobile aluminum die-castings and general machine die-castings. It has built good relationships with various enterprises both at home and aboard. Although we have achieved lots of progresses, company is still down-to-earth and free from arrogance and rashness, devoting itself to developing brand-new market and constructs a good foundation for favorable reputation.
Ningbo Tongri Machinery Co., Ltd.
Ningbo-Tongri Machinery Co., Ltd. established in 2010, specializes in producing motorcycle cylinder block, cylinder sleeve and general engine cylinders. It locates in Chaiqiao industrial park, Beilun, with strategic locations and convenient transportation, covering an area of 6500 square meters, construction area of 5500 square meters and equipped with 150 employees, with a group of highly educated and experienced technology backbones.
The company has managed and developed its own production according to the modern enterprise management.
It has implemented the whole process and whole member quality management system, and promoted technology to improve products quality.
Focusing on credibility, ensuring quality, and the company strictly adheres to the quality policy of "pay attention to quality and work carefully," continuing to provide high quality products for consumers. Welcome to contact with us and we're willing to go forward with all of you.
It owns world-class production facilities, advanced technology process, professional talent team and scientifically rigorous management method, aiming to optimize the product quality and improve the product service. It has also built good cooperation relationships with various enterprises both at home and aboard, devoting itself to developing new market and establishing a favorable reputation.
Ningbo Duhong Trade Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Donghong Trade Co., Ltd., located in Ningbo Daxie Development Zone, closed to superior logistics system, whose annual trade volume is nearly 100 million yuan, mainly manages hardware, lamps, LED lights and so on. The company has strong strength and complete equipment as well as a elite team whose members have rich foreign trade and production practice. After years of development, basic standardized assessment system and perfect talent development mechanism were established to encourage the development of foreign trade talents.
Company is looking forward to carrying out more extensive communication and cooperation with enterprises from home and abroad on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, which can bring trust and support from all the friends through our efforts.



Add:No.92 Xuedoushan Road, Xiexi Industrial Estate,Daxie Development Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China.



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