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  • 2022.04.02
    The Great Success of the Launch Conference of "Quality Month" of Spey Tech. in 2022

    Primary Coverage

    The science and technology quality assurance center of Spey tech. did a further analysis from four dimensions including finance, customer, internal process and talent, according to the company‘s business strategy. On March 31, 2022, the center held the launch conference of quality month with the  theme of "improve quality consciousness, the pursuit of excellent quality" in the company multi-function room. The quality assurance center deployment of "Quality Month" activity carried out as follows:

    The whole manufacturing process shall be audited by layers, with the full participation of management and all staff at the grass-roots level, to promote communication, enhance understanding, improve morale, rectify problems, facilitate standardization and boost continuous improvement. Complete the preset goals of implementation, optimization and application in the next three months through self-inspection, self-review, support and supervision.


    Carry out high-quality prize essay activities to guide and urge grass-roots managers to take the initiative to learn, and apply what they have learned to work. Through positive thinking and extensive discussion in the study and work, they can improve team cooperation and personal ability.


    Carry out QCC quality management circle activity. And exercise grass-roots management personnel, key employees, engineers to use PDCA methodology to carry out the task of forming type and problem solving project. The "Quality Month" activity committee will guide and manage various stages of QCC project from project, training and staged evaluation.

    Carry out the "Quality Model" selection activity and each department sets up "Quality Model" to lead the staff to follow the example.


    Carry out the selection of excellent quality units.

    It is believed that all centers and departments will actively cooperate with the deployment of "Quality Month" activity, strive to expand the width and depth of "Quality Month" activity, and achieve self-improvement through learning, which is the key and significance of this "Quality Month" activity.









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