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  • 2022.04.06
    The Second Session of the Second Staff Congress of Spey Technology

    Primary Coverage

    At 13:00 on March 31, 2022, the Second Session of the Second Workers’ Congress of Spey Technology was kicked off with the solemn national anthem.

    Employee Handbook is the "laws and regulations" of the enterprise, is the concentration of enterprise rules and regulations, enterprise culture and enterprise strategy, and is the code of conduct and labor discipline of all employees in the company. It provides basis for further improving employee literacy and employee relationship management level and establishing harmonious labor relationship.


    The meeting was led by the Labor Union Committee. At the meeting, the Minister of Human Resources and Administration department read the 2022 Version of the Employee Manual, and finally the meeting passed the 2022 version of the Employee Manual through a show of hands. Before the workers’ congress, the Human Resources and Administration Department had sent the discussion draft of the Employee Manual to each group for discussion, and collected feedback and suggestions, some of which were adopted.

    With the joint efforts of all representatives of the Preparatory Committee, the review of the 2022 Version of the Employee Manual was successfully completed in accordance with the prescribed procedures.

    Chairman Zhang Dong attended the meeting, and made a summary speech. He pointed out that "Those who share the same desire win, and those whon share the same storm prosper". He believed that all representatives will do well in the model, and will be hand in hand, side by side with the grass-roots staff. They will face all kinds of challenges and will not be afraid of climbing camp. Also, they will meet challenges with full of spirit, new measures in solving problems, and will seek development in the new way of thinking to achieve company objectives.









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